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FreebieClub $100 Daily Giveaway, $25,000 Grand Prize
Entry Deadline: Dec 31, 9999
$25,000.00 is just waiting for you! Stop spending and choose freebies at Win $100.00 a day. Shop 'til you drop- no charge! By registering at you are instantly eligible for cold hard cash. $100.00 given away daily and the BIG ONE- $25,000.00.

It's simple. After a quick, painless registration you receive five "freebiecoins" each redeemable for one chance for $100.00 when you choose to cash in. You are also automatically entered in the grand prize giveaway for $25,000.00. Winners listed daily. Find your name and claim your reward within 7 days.

Freelotto $1,000,000 Giveaway
Entry Deadline: Dec 31, 2001
Enter to win $1,000,000 at Freelotto! They are a free lottery site where you can enter every day and win great prizes nightly! Win cash for picking 3, 4, 5, or 6 numbers correctly!
GroupLotto $10M daily
Entry Deadline: Aug 12, 2001
Play GroupLotto, the Web's Premier Online Lottery, for your chance to win up to $10M daily.
LuckySurf $1,000,000 Giveaway
Entry Deadline: Dec 31, 9999
Play once a day for the chance to win $1,000,000! Other prizes include $1,000 and various gift certificates.
Win $10,000 + 6 day vacation
Entry Deadline: Feb 16, 2001
What do women want? Check out the new Paramount film "What Women Want" and find out! Enter to win a grand prize that includes all of the following: $10,000 spending money, 6 nights' stay at the Plaza Hotel, roundtrip airfare for 2, tickets and Limo to a Broadway play, Makeover and Massage at Elizabeth Arden Day Spa, which includes a Swedish Massage, a Red Door Facial, a warm cream manicure, a haircut, shampoo and style, a makeup application, a spa lunch and a pedicure.
WinDough: $10k - $100k cash
Entry Deadline: Dec 31, 9999
WinDough has $500,000 CASH, $100,000 CASH, $50,000 CASH, $25,000 CASH, $10,000 CASH, and plenty of other prizes just waiting to be claimed. Come to now and get your share. See if you're a winner every 30 seconds.

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