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Anti-Spam Policy

PaidMania has a strict zero tolerance anti-spam policy. In order to become a member of this site, each user agrees to never send unsolicited email or messages to people they do not know. Furthermore, they are prohibited from posting solicitations to any USENET newsgroup. The same policy applies to ICQ, IRC, public chat rooms, and other messaging services as well. Failure to comply with these terms will result in the immediate termination of their account.

Any form of spam promoting this site ruins the image and reputation of all responsible PaidMania members. For this reason, we will take quick action against anyone who violates this policy.

For more information about what is spam and why it is bad, please see

How to Report a Spammer
If you have been spammed by one of our members, please report it to In your message, please include a copy of the spam message you received as well as the member's ID (or URL that was being promoted). Prompt action will be taken.

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