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Mystery Shopping in Other Parts of the World

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Green & Associates
Locations: USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Guam
Green & Associates is a national mystery shopping and service evaluation company specializing in the hospitality industry. They have performed evaluations for restaurants, clubs, hotels and retail operations from coast to coast. In 1997 they also added clients internationally. Their client list includes nationally recognized companies as well as independent operators. To apply you must describe your last memorable customer service experience.
Greenfield Online
Locations: International
Be part of the Research Revolution(TM) and make a difference. Influence the consumer products and services of tomorrow. Each online survey in which you participate offers you a chance to win cash and other valuable rewards. New surveys appear daily! As usual, membership is completely free, and it's easy to join.
National Shopping Service Network, LLC
Locations: USA, Canada, United Kingdom
The National Shopping Service Network was founded in 1990 by Jerry Goodwin and Howard Troxel. Having also founded J & K Shopping Service as a Colorado-based regional mystery shopping company in 1986, NSSN is the vehicle they use to accomplish mystery shopping on a national/international level. Both companies provide multi-industry customer service and integrity audits. To apply, you must describe why you would make a good mystery shopper and also a recent customer service situation in which you were involved.
Second to None
Locations: USA, Canada, Mexico
SecondToNone has been helping companies understand their employees, customers, and the experiences shared between them for the past eleven years. They send members on assignments based primarily on demographic information. When one comes along that they think you're suited for, they'll notify you by email. If you're interested, simply follow the response instructions contained in the body of the email. You have to be quick though, assignments are sent to multiple qualified members and then awarded on a first come, first serve basis. To apply, you must explain why you would be effective in evaluating customer service.
Sinclair Service Assessments
Locations: USA, various international locations
Sinclair Service Assessments (SSA) specializes in establishing and conducting state-of-the-art Mystery Shopping programs for comprehensive service measurement. Since 1987, SSA has provided the highest quality, proactive information, with programs customized to fit each client's needs. SSA is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and has Mystery Shoppers located throughout the U.S. and abroad. Their Shoppers gather accurate, client-specific information, which is then delivered immediately to management teams to help them make informed decisions about service and operations. To apply, you need to describe your best or worst shopping experience and list areas of experience you have that you feel would make you a good shopper.

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 Mystery Shopping
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