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Mystery Shopping

A mystery shopper poses as a regular customer and visits an establishment (restaurant, hotel, store, etc.) for the purpose of evaluating the customer service, product quality, presentation, and other specific details as requested by the client. They are given specific instructions to follow when visiting, and they must file a written report after leaving the establishment.

Mystery shopping is fun but it is serious work. Important decisions are made based on the data you supply. People who make good mystery shoppers are those who appreciate good service and enjoy being reimbursed for doing what comes naturally. Mystery shoppers are detail-oriented, thorough, observant and committed to deadlines. All legitimate mystery shopping programs should be completely free.

Due to the nature of mystery shopping, companies only accept applications from people who live in the regions in which they operate. Where do you live?

Programs that operate in the United States.

Programs that operate in Canada.

Programs that operate in other parts of the world.

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 Mystery Shopping
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