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If you don't already know what PaidMania is all about and why it's worth joining, please read about it here.

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Please fill in all fields below. The username (alias) you select will be used to log into the discussion forum. Messages you post there will also contain your username. A valid email address is required to make sure that you don't join this site more than once and also to inform you of any changes to this site. It will never be sold or used for spam. All information entered is used to generate general demographic data only. This data will never be associated with your name, address, or email.

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Here is a summary of our Anti-Spam Policy and Terms and Conditions:

  1. Absolutely NO SPAMMING allowed! Spam is defined as an unsolicited message to people you do not know. This includes emailing public mailing lists or posting to public forums that do not explicitly allow getpaid/make-money messages. If we receive complaints reporting that you are promoting your signup pages through spam, your account will be terminated and you will not be allowed to sign up again. No exceptions.
  2. Promoting your PaidMania/affiliate links or URL redirection pages that eventually lead to any PaidMania or affiliate program page on any USENET newsgroup (including etc.) is forbidden. No one reads those make-money-fast groups anyway and you are more likely to get reported. If you are caught (directly or indirectly) promoting a PaidMania or affiliate program link on any newsgroup, your account will be terminated. This policy also applies to public web forums (ie. Delphi, Yahoo, eGroups, etc.) that do not explicitly allow getpaid posts.
  3. Mass messaging users on ICQ, AIM, IRC, or through any other public chat room or messaging service promoting your PaidMania or affiliate program links is prohibited. This incluces promoting URL redirection links that eventually lead the user to PaidMania or an affiliate program.
  4. Registering an email address with an active autoresponder on is not allowed. If we receive an automated reply from any mail sent to your email address on file, your account will be suspended.
  5. How many referrals you get from joining depends on how hard you and the rest of this site's members work to promote this site. PaidMania is a partnership between all its members. We hope you will work hard to get new people to sign up below you, but do so responsibly.
  6. Companies may join if their primary intent is to participate in the domain name and webhosting affiliate programs.

To register, you must agree to abide by both PaidMania's Anti-Spam Policy and Terms and Conditions. To acknowledge your compliance, type in the following sentence in the field below: "I have read the terms and conditions and agree never to promote my account using any form of spam."

Remember: Email addresses with autoresponders are NOT permitted. You are not allowed to promote your account on any USENET newsgroup whatsoever (including groups such as You may not promote on any mailing list or web forum that does not explicitly allow such posts. Sending unsolicited messages to others (whether it be through email, mailing lists, IRC, AIM, ICQ, etc.) to promote a PaidMania page will not be tolerated in any way. Violating any of these rules will result in the suspension of your account.

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