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Referring new members and getting them to sign up and use the various getpaid programs is the key to making money. A big portion of the internet-using public still does not know about this or participate. Get the word out to them in a responsible fashion and they'll be excited to get paid and earn like yourself.

In order to increase your referral numbers, you need to tell others about it! Tell your friends, pass out flyers, and get your web pages indexed by search engines. Yes, it takes work to promote your pages. After all, this is legitimate work and not a get rich quick scheme.

Below are some suggestions for building a solid downline.

Spread the word to your family, friends, and others you know
Start by letting those closest to you know about these programs. You can mention it the next time you email or phone them. If you have a private family website, make sure you use that too. Make your message personal. Share your own experience with them. Tell them which programs you think are the best to join first. After they've joined the program(s) you recommend, teach them about the power of having downline referrals and get them to start promoting their own memberships.

After that, think about all the people you come in contact with each day, be it your neighbors, doctor/dentist, UPS/FedEx driver, hair stylist, or fellow PTA/health club members... Create small business cards that you can pass out at the right time.

Spread the Word to Everyone Else
Next, let the rest of the world and your community in which you live know about these great programs, but do it carefully and responsibly. If you make false claims, people will be quick to dismiss it as a phony get rich quick scheme, so think carefully about what you say. Stress the potential profit involved, but don't exaggerate or make wild claims.

If you do not already have your own homepage, get noticed on the web and create one now. There are many sites that let you create your own web page for free and without much effort. Put your page on Terrashare and even earn advertising revenue while you're at it! Make sure to give your web pages a personal touch. Share your experiences and personally recommend one or two getpaid programs which will give them a positive experience.

Once your web page is ready, consider signing up with a free URL redirection service to make it easy for people to remember the URL of your site (ie. This is especially important when promoting your web pages through word of mouth and non-electronic mediums. People tend to mistype or forget long URLs. The best search engine-friendly URL redirection service is V3. Other redirection services include WebAlias and The Government.

Next, promote your site by submitting your URL to all the search engines you can find. There are also tons of "Free For All" (FFA) lists that accept getpaid-type advertisements. Participate in free banner exchanges such as LinkExchange. They not only advertise your site for free, but also provide other services that will help you promote and manage your site. You can also find other useful info at Webstars2000.

Don't forget other mediums through which you can spread the word: paper flyers, post-it notes, business cards, etc. Leave casual business card bookmarks with a few words like "Earn cash while surfing the web" and your URL in the library. You can also chalk the ground with your message at bus stops, subway exists, and high traffic areas on college campuses. Before trying out these ideas, however, please verify that you are lawfully allowed to do so in your area and are not violating any local ordinances (remember, promote responsibly).

Finally, look for ways to advertise cheaply. Utilize the penny ads of your local newspapers and billboards in your neighborhood grocery stores. Provide free lemonade at a club meeting or club event if the customer takes a business card with your getpaid business card... With some creativity, you'll find that the ways you can promote your getpaid programs responsibly are endless.

Good luck promoting your site!

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