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How It Works

PaidMania is four great FREE programs in one! Click on each of the following links to learn more about why you should join PaidMania now:

  • Get Paid to Click and Visit Sponsors
    Get paid each time you click on a paying advertisement and visit that sponsor's site.
  • Get Paid to Have A Start Page / Homepage Rotator
    Get paid to use PaidMania as your start page and simultaneously maximize your income from ALL getpaid programs that pay you to use them as a start page.
  • Earn 6-Tier Affiliate Sales Commissions
    Every time someone purchases an internet domain name through your personal link, you get paid a flat fee. Every time someone purchases a web hosting package through your link, you get paid 15% of the initial sale and a flat fee every month for as long as that person remains a customer! In addition, you earn commissions from sales made through up to 6 levels of your downline.
  • PaidMania Downline Club
    One of the internet's most comprehensive, user-friendly, and professional-looking self-replicating getpaid referral sites.

Get Paid to Have A Start Page / Homepage Rotator

Did you know that many getpaid companies pay you to use particular pages on their site as your browser's "start page"? The problem is, they also typically impose restrictions on how often you can visit, how much time you must wait between visits to be paid, and so forth. Furthermore, some programs pay more than others.

If you simply set your browser's homepage to one of these sites, more then often you will forget to visit other sites on a daily basis. PaidMania solves these problems and maximizes your total start page income by calculating what homepage your browser should display in order to earn the most money at any given time. Simply set your browser's default homepage to use PaidMania's rotator service and our system will do the profit-maximizing real-time computations automatically for you. This means you can visit your browser's "homepage" (by starting up your browser or clicking on your browser's Home icon) as many times as you want, knowing that you will always be getting paid the maximum amount possible from all start page programs in which you participate! If you have already visited all paying pages for a given time, the rotator will randomly pick a page from any of the programs in which you participate.

PaidMania is proud to be one of the first sites on the internet to provide you with this service, We not only do it for FREE, but we also help you earn even more money. When advertisers pay us to deliver you to their site through a homepage rotation, we share that income with you in exactly the same way we share click-based income.

Finally, by utilizing our homepage rotator, one of the start pages that you will be brought to once a day is PaidMania's own paid to click page. No longer will you have to worry about forgetting to click on paying ads each day.

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