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How It Works

PaidMania is four great FREE programs in one! Click on each of the following links to learn more about why you should join PaidMania now:

  • Get Paid to Click and Visit Sponsors
    Get paid each time you click on a paying advertisement and visit that sponsor's site.
  • Get Paid to Have A Start Page / Homepage Rotator
    Get paid to use PaidMania as your start page and simultaneously maximize your income from ALL getpaid programs that pay you to use them as a start page.
  • Earn 6-Tier Affiliate Sales Commissions
    Every time someone purchases an internet domain name through your personal link, you get paid a flat fee. Every time someone purchases a web hosting package through your link, you get paid 15% of the initial sale and a flat fee every month for as long as that person remains a customer! In addition, you earn commissions from sales made through up to 6 levels of your downline.
  • PaidMania Downline Club
    One of the internet's most comprehensive, user-friendly, and professional-looking self-replicating getpaid referral sites.

PaidMania Downline Club

  • Receive a copy of this site with all of YOUR referral IDs inserted!
  • Stay informed of the latest getpaid programs.
  • No web programming experience required.
  • Separate page view counters for each program.
  • Easily check your stats of any listed getpaid program from one screen.
  • Free flow-through and bonus views.
  • The perfect solution to assisting your referrals create their own promotional pages.

Increase your referral base and resulting income by participating in one of the internet's most comprehensive, user-friendly, and professional-looking getpaid downline clubs. This is one site you won't be embarassed to show your family, friends, and even colleagues at work.

PaidMania knows that building a downline takes time and hard work on your part. To promise you that you would get rich quick overnight would be an outright lie. We also do not falsely promise you thousands of referrals just for signing up. In fact, all the usual marketing hype and lies have been left out. What we do offer is an honest, pleasant site that will help you acquire and retain new downline referrals. Yes, you will still need to promote your pages and look for new sources of referrals. But now your pages will always be up to date, and no website design experience is necessary. Spend your time promoting your web pages, not building them. This is the perfect starting point for getpaid newbies and veterans alike. Visitors feel very comfortable with our site and quickly become loyal members. That translates to frequent repeat visits and the willingness to come here to sign up for new programs.

PaidMania believes that if you introduce a member to this site, you should be the sponsor even if the person doesn't sign up immediately. Through the use of a cookie, your sponsor ID will be stored in the web browser of all visitors you bring to this site for life. This means that if that user signs up for PaidMania one year from now without using your referral URL, you will still get referral credit! How many other sites do you know of that offer this benefit?

No other downline club on the internet presents each getpaid program with the same level of detail that you will find here. Not only is each program summarized for no-nonsense easy reading, but vital information such as referral depth, payout rates, and minimum account balances before receiving a check are included too. As a PaidMania member, you will receive your own set of self-replicating pages just like the ones you see in the Getpaid Programs section, but with YOUR referral IDs instead! You can also recommend programs of your choice, sort the programs by popularity or by percentage enrollment, and select verbose or tabular presentation.

In addition, the FREE membership includes two levels of flowthru and bonus views. For those not familiar with this terminology, two levels of flowthru means that if one of your direct or level 2 referrals does not have a referral ID for a program that you do, your ID will be used on their page instead! A bonus view occurs when someone signs up for a program on this site but comes on their own (i.e. no sponsor). In this case, a referral ID from that program is randomly chosen from all participating members of that getpaid program that have logged into PaidMania within the past 7 days (to ensure that only active members are rewarded). Note that receving a bonus view is different than receiving a PaidMania referral (referrals are available only to Platinum members). Bonus views may result in you receving a referral in one of your getpaid programs, but they will not appear as a referral in your PaidMania downline. Bonus views are also not guaranteed and occur only when available (the number of members is much greater than the number of available bonus views, so not all members will receive a bonus view immediately after signing up).

PaidMania platinum members receive even more benefits, including random allocation of non-sponsored referrals to their payable downline, infinite flowthru of program IDs, advertising tag tracking, and email aliasing.

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