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How It Works

PaidMania is four great FREE programs in one! Click on each of the following links to learn more about why you should join PaidMania now:

  • Get Paid to Click and Visit Sponsors
    Get paid each time you click on a paying advertisement and visit that sponsor's site.
  • Get Paid to Have A Start Page / Homepage Rotator
    Get paid to use PaidMania as your start page and simultaneously maximize your income from ALL getpaid programs that pay you to use them as a start page.
  • Earn 6-Tier Affiliate Sales Commissions
    Every time someone purchases an internet domain name through your personal link, you get paid a flat fee. Every time someone purchases a web hosting package through your link, you get paid 15% of the initial sale and a flat fee every month for as long as that person remains a customer! In addition, you earn commissions from sales made through up to 6 levels of your downline.
  • PaidMania Downline Club
    One of the internet's most comprehensive, user-friendly, and professional-looking self-replicating getpaid referral sites.

Get Paid to Click and Visit Sponsors

Get paid to click on ads and visit our sponsors! When you visit the PaidMania start page, you will have a choice of ads on which to click. Ads with the highest payout rate are always presented first to assist you in maximizing your income. Once you click on an ad, that ad will disappear (you may have to refresh your page) and be replaced by another paying ad - until you have clicked on all paying ads for that day.

The point value of each ad is determined by the amount the advertising sponsor pays. Up to 80% of the net income generated from each click is shared with our members, depending on your membership level and depth of your referral base.

The cash value of a point is determined approximately 60 days after the end of each month. Members who have accrued over $25 will have the option of requesting payment. Balances of members that have not accrued $25 will carry over to the next month. The target exchange rate is 1000 points = $1 USD, but this is not guaranteed. Our referral structure is 6 levels deep - you earn 50% of revenue associated with your own use and 5% of each of your referral's click-based income on all 6 levels. Platinum members earn 10% of each level's click-based income! To encourage member participation, you must click on at least 30 payable ads per month to receive 100% of the income from your referrals' activity. Otherwise, income from referral activity is scaled proportionally. For example, if you only click on 15 ads in a particular month, you would only receive 50% of what you could have earned from referral activity for that month.

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