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How It Works

PaidMania is four great FREE programs in one! Click on each of the following links to learn more about why you should join PaidMania now:

  • Get Paid to Click and Visit Sponsors
    Get paid each time you click on a paying advertisement and visit that sponsor's site.
  • Get Paid to Have A Start Page / Homepage Rotator
    Get paid to use PaidMania as your start page and simultaneously maximize your income from ALL getpaid programs that pay you to use them as a start page.
  • Earn 6-Tier Affiliate Sales Commissions
    Every time someone purchases an internet domain name through your personal link, you get paid a flat fee. Every time someone purchases a web hosting package through your link, you get paid 15% of the initial sale and a flat fee every month for as long as that person remains a customer! In addition, you earn commissions from sales made through up to 6 levels of your downline.
  • PaidMania Downline Club
    One of the internet's most comprehensive, user-friendly, and professional-looking self-replicating getpaid referral sites.

Earn 6-Tier Affiliate Commissions Selling Internet Domain Names and Web Hosting Packages

The internet continues to grow and become more widely used and accepted throughout the world. Business and families alike want to get online and make their presence known to others. What better way to increase your web site revenue than to sell internet domain names and web hosting packages from your site? For each sale made through your link, you earn either a one-time or monthly recurring commission, depending on the type of sale. You also earn a percentage of sales made by 6 levels of your downline!

PaidMania offers two affiliate programs in which you can participate:

RegistrationMania is an internet domain name registration site that allows anyone to register or renew .COM/.NET/.ORG domain names. Personal internet domain names are becoming increasingly popular because they make web sites and email addresses easier to remember and find. Instead of hard to remember email addresses such as or web site URLs like, people can now register a domain name such as "". By utilizing RegistrationMania's free forwarding services, a customer in the example above could tell everyone that their email address is and their web site is Emails sent to would then be forwarded to their real address (ie., and a visitor going to would be automatically directed to their real URL (ie. Because RegistrationMania offers domain names at lower than average prices and bundles free email and web forwarding services with each name sold, it shouldn't be difficult to sell names to others and get paid doing so. The exact commissions for this program are detailed on RegistrationMania's affiliate page.

WebhostingMania is an hosting provider offering professional email and web hosting services. Paid web hosting is different than free services such as Hotmail or Geocities because customers receive a higher level of service and greater functionality. In addition, there are no annoying banner advertisements to interfere with website pages or email messages. WebhostingMania's hosting packages are inexpensive and highly competitive, especially considering the fact that the cost of the customer's domain registration and future renewal fees are included. There are no setup fees, making these plans especially attractive. In addition, when someone signs up for a package through your link, you will recurring income every billing period for as long as that person remains a customer. The exact commissions for this program are detailed on WebhostingMania's affiliate page.

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