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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are there any hidden charges for joining?
  2. Who can join?
  3. How long does it take to join/When can I start?
  4. How do I earn money from PaidMania and where does it come from?
  5. When do I get paid?
  6. How do I get paid?
  7. Are there rules or restrictions?
  8. What happens to my downline if my referral's account is cancelled?
  9. What if I still have questions?

Q: When do I get paid?

A: You will be given the chance to request payment when your account balance exceeds $25 USD. Points are converted to a cash value approximately 45 days after the end of each month. For example, points accrued for the month January are converted to cash around March 15th. If you reside in the United States and your earnings exceed $500 USD, you will be required to provide a valid social security number for tax purposes before additional earnings will be distributed.

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