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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are there any hidden charges for joining?
  2. Who can join?
  3. How long does it take to join/When can I start?
  4. How do I earn money from PaidMania and where does it come from?
  5. When do I get paid?
  6. How do I get paid?
  7. Are there rules or restrictions?
  8. What happens to my downline if my referral's account is cancelled?
  9. What if I still have questions?

Q: How do I earn money from PaidMania and where does it come from?

A: We offer two ways in which you can earn money directly from us:

  • Paid-to-click
    When you click on ads located on your start page and visit the respective ads' website, that advertiser pays us for bringing you there and checking out their site. We, in turn, share 50% of that revenue with you.
  • Affiliate program sales
    When you make a sale through one of our affiliate program links, you will either earn a one-time or monthly recurring commission (depends on the product sold).
In addition, when you recruit others (your referrals) and they earn money, you earn a portion of their income too, up to 6 levels of referrals. Depending on the depth of your referral base and your membership status, we share up to a total of 80% of the ad revenue with our members!

Furthermore, by participating in the start page rotation and downline club portions of our site, you can increase your getpaid income from other sites as well.

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