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Only webmaster affiliate programs with a referral structure (i.e. you earn a percentage of your referrals' income) are listed here. For affiliate programs that only pay you per click or per signup, see affiliate program consolidators such as Commission Junction or Linkshare (see their respective descriptions below).

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AllClicks 2% recommended, 4% enrollment
Pay per click program that will pay you 3¢ for each unique visitor in a 12 hour period no matter how you get your visitor there. It just has to be a legitimate raw click. Your link can say or be anything you want. Payment occurs every 2 weeks when your account is over $50.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): 3¢/click, 5% inc
Country Availability: ?
Banners Go MLM 4% recommended, 4% enrollment
A 2 for 1 banner exchange. When others signup beneath you, you will be credited 10% of their impressions too - up to 5 levels deep. Banners must be 250x72 in dimensions (not the standard 468x60) and under 9.5k in size.
Referral structure: 5 levels
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): 1 for 1 views, [10%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 10%] impressions
Country Availability: International
CashRing 1% recommended, 3% enrollment
Cashring sells "get a date" subscriptions and perhaps others as well. You earn commissions from subscriptions sold from your site. You also get $1 for each new affiliate you refer and 20% of your direct referrals' earnings. Payment is monthly (less 15% credit card transaction fee) when your balance exceeds $30.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): 20-50% rev, $1/referral+20% inc
Country Availability: ?
Commission Junction 11% recommended, 10% enrollment
CJ lets you chose from over 500 leading retailers to advertise for on your site. Earn money for each click, lead, or sale. You receive $.05 for every click-through from a CJ link on your site, $1 for each new member you refer, and 5% of that affiliate's commisions for life.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): various/action, $1/referral+5% inc
Country Availability: ?
CyberBounty 0% recommended, 0% enrollment
Provider of pay-per-lead affiliate programs. You also get a fully maintained freebie site. To qualify, your website must get at least 350 unique visitors per day. Payout is monthly when your account exceeds $50.
Referral structure: 2 levels
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): various/lead, [5%, 3%] inc
Country Availability: International
FreeBonanza 0% recommended, 0% enrollment
FreeBonanza offers a webmaster program where you can earn by placing their search engine, banners or other links on your website. Commission rate varies according to your level of traffic to FreeBonanza. Payouts are made monthly by check once you earn the minimum of $35 USD.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): 25% - 5-17¢, 5% - 1-4¢ (commission-click-thru)
Country Availability: International
GravitySearch 0% recommended, 0% enrollment
GravitySearch is a pay per click search engine. You earn 85% of bidded amounts. Payout is at $5 and payout is a maximum of 15 days after request is made. Payment via Egold and Paypal. No fee for E-gold payments. A portal is provided in members section.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): 10%
Country Availability: International
Hit Harvester 0% recommended, 0% enrollment
Hit Harvester is a traffic generating program. Using the start page url, you set the start page of your browser. They offer a 2:1 ratio.
Referral structure: ?
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): ?
Country Availability: International
[*]Note: This program may not be paying members yet.
OnResponse 0% recommended, 0% enrollment
OnResponse (formerly Bach Systems) is a provider of pay-per-lead affiliate programs. The majority of their affiliate programs are for free trial offers, samples, coupons, catalogs, or sweepstakes. Payout is monthly when your account exceeds $50.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): various/lead, 10% inc
Country Availability: International
PopUpTraffic 0% recommended, 0% enrollment
PopUpTraffic is a webmaster program that pops up an advertising window when someone visits the page that the code is on. The pay rate changes according to advertising rates for cpms. They supply popups and pop unders. There are some countries that are not eligible. Check their terms to see which ones. Minimum balance for payment is $25. They pay monthly.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): varies/cpm, 5%
Country Availability: International

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