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Top 5 One-time Referral Getpaid Programs
1. Resource-A-Day
2. PayPal (Premier/Biz Accts Only)
3. oneNest
4. FarmBid

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One-time Referral Getpaid Programs
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Resource-A-Day 8% recommended, 9% enrollment
A opt-in newsletter. Each day, you will receive an email with an internet resource tip, quotation, piece of trivia, and joke. They pay you $10 to sign up. You also earn 40¢ per direct referral, 20¢ per level 2 referral, 5¢ per level 3 referral, and 3¢ per level 4 referral. You must earn at least $50 before they will mail you a check. Payment is quarterly.
Referral structure: 4 levels
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): $10, 40¢, 20¢ 5¢, 3¢ (/referral)
Country Availability: ?
PayPal (Premier/Biz Accts Only) 3% recommended, 3% enrollment
Send and receive money to or from anyone with an email address for free. PayPal is the most established, trusted, and well known online consumer payment service on the net. You receive $5 for signing up and transferring $50 from a bank account to your PayPal account. If you upgrade to a Premier or Business account, you also receive a bonus of $5 for each referral that validates their account. An account is validated when you provide them with a bank account number. They then deposit a small amount of money into your account for free. By telling them the amount that was deposited, you prove your identity and validate your account. This procedure ensures that that fraud is minimized. NOTE: Non-US members are NOT eligible for the $5 signup bonus.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): $5, $5 (/referral)
Country Availability: US, Canada, many other countries
oneNest 0% recommended, 2% enrollment
Marketplace dedicated to facilitating transactions between wholesale buyers and sellers. You get $2.50 for each direct referral, $1.00 for each level 2 referral, and $0.50 for each level 3 referral. The first $500 of each $1000 must be spent on the oneNest site and you must have been a member for 3 months. Unused rewards will expire on June 30, 2001.
Referral structure: 3 levels
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): $0, $2.50, $1, $0.50 (/referral)
Country Availability: ?
FarmBid 0% recommended, 0% enrollment
An e-commerce site for the farming community. They also sell useful household items. Your personal earnings are applied towards gift certificates or purchases on their site. Earnings can be applied immediately or you may let them grow. You can only use up to 25% of your referral income on each individual order.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): $5/signup, $10/referral
Country Availability: US

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 Getpaid Programs
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