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Top 5 Opinion Getpaid Programs
1. TotalE-mail
2. MBS Internet
3. Redpen
4. spiderMetrix
5. GarageBand

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Opinion Getpaid Programs
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TotalE-mail 15% recommended, 17% enrollment
This program pays you to click on ads, fill out surveys, and receive email ads. Unlike most GetPaid programs, however, they utilize a forced 5x5 matrix (once you get more than 5 referrals, any new referrals you sign up are assigned to members of your downline instead). Normally, a forced matrix is not as desirable because you do not get to keep more than 5 direct referrals. However, since TotalE-mail's payout structure is the same for all referral levels, it doesn't matter in this case. Payment is monthly when your account exceeds $25.
Referral structure: 5 levels
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): 10%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5% rev
Country Availability: ?
MBS Internet 1% recommended, 3% enrollment
Earn cash and prizes for filling out surveys and participating in focus groups over the web. They don't appear to offer surveys very often though.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): $2-$10/survey, 50% inc
Country Availability: ?
Redpen 0% recommended, 2% enrollment
Earn money for participating in surveys and focus groups. They pay at a rate of $10/hr for the average number of minutes expected to complete a survey. You earn 10% of your referrals' earnings and $2 if they join a focus group. Payment occurs when your account exceeds $20. There is a service charge of up to $1 for mailing out checks.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): $10/hr, 10% inc
Country Availability: ?
[*]Note: This program may not be paying members yet.
spiderMetrix 0% recommended, 1% enrollment
Join spiderMetrix and earn SpiderPoints to evaluate web sites and fill out short evaluation forms. SpiderPoints can be redeemed for cash or vouchers (usable for purchases on select web sites). SpiderPoints expire after 18 months after date earned. SpiderMetrix controls how many offers you receive for evaluation. Minimum cash payout is $50 AUS. Minimum gift certificate is $5 AUS.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): 20 pts, 1pt (/per review)
Country Availability: International
GarageBand 0% recommended, 1% enrollment
Earn points by listening to and rating music. Points can then be redeemed for merchandise (minimum redemption: 500,000 points). You only get points from your referrals after they have reviewed 2 tracks.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): various pts, 50,000 pts/referral
Country Availability: International

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