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Top 5 Lotto/Game/ Contest Getpaid Programs
1. Jackpot
2. iWin
3. ItPaysToLearn
4. WebMillion
5. EZ Sweeps

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Lotto/Game/ Contest Getpaid Programs
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Highlighted programs are recommended by your sponsor.
Jackpot 15% recommended, 14% enrollment
Free slot machine that offers cash and other prizes. You get 50 free spins after which you view banner ads to accumulate more free spins at 1 for each minute online. When your referral wins cash or merchandise, you win the same exact prize!
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): 0, matching prize
Country Availability: ?
iWin 10% recommended, 11% enrollment
A great site from which to win free stuff. iWin has tons of ways to easily earn icons, which are then used to enter raffles for all kinds of prizes including cash, gift certificates, electronics, vacations, toys, etc. There are winners every day.
Referral structure: 3 levels
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): various pts, [20%, 20%, 20%] inc
Country Availability: ?
ItPaysToLearn 4% recommended, 7% enrollment
Get paid to try your skills on their quizzes and brain challenges. You earn 0.2¢-0.5¢ for every right answer (depending on the difficulty of the question) and 0.1¢ if you're wrong. You also receive 0.1¢ for each question answered by any of your downline referrals (up to 10 levels). You also get 2¢s; for clicking on a sponsor's web site. Referral earnings are limited by the number of questions you answer yourself. Payment is monthly when your account exceeds $20.
Referral structure: 10 levels
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): see desc.
Country Availability: ?
[*]Note: This program may not be paying members yet.
WebMillion 3% recommended, 3% enrollment
Free lottery. You get 10 picks a day. Weekly grand prize is $3 million dollars! They also have 3 other games you can play to earn money. If your direct referral wins the $3 million jackpot, you get $1 million dollars yourself. If your direct referral wins $100 from one of the games, you get $50.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): see desc.
Country Availability: ?
EZ Sweeps 3% recommended, 2% enrollment
EZ Sweeps finds sweepstakes on the web and allows you to enter them all with a single click. Members also have access to a portfolio which shows which sweepstakes you have entered and how many times. If you referral wins their lucky $5 million sweepstakes, you get $100,000.
Referral structure: 1 level
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): see desc.
Country Availability: International
Hollywood Stock Exchange 0% recommended, 1% enrollment
A make-believe stock game where you can invest in your favorite movie stars, movies, musicians, music, etc. The game's stock prices track the real-life popularity ratings of the respective person or object. You receive two million Hollywood dollars in both your movie and music portfolios to start. You also receive an unspecified amount of Hollywood dollars for each direct referral. Earn enough and your Hollywood dollars can be exchanged for merchandise.
Referral structure: ? levels
Payout (you, lvl1, lvl2, etc.): see desc.
Country Availability: ?

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