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The more referrals you have, the more you earn! Be sure to spread the word about to all of your family and friends before they hear about it from someone else. Below is a sample letter you may email to others. Please remember that we adhere to a strict anti-spam policy, so promote responsibily.

Sample Letter


I just wanted to inform you of a website I just discovered called PaidMania - .

This site offers you several ways to earn money from the web:

  1. Earn 6-tier affiliate commissions for selling internet domain name registrations and web hosting packages.
  2. Get paid to visit web sites.
  3. Utilize their web browser start page rotator to maximize your income from various "get paid to have a start page" programs.
  4. Participate in their downline club to increase your referral income from hundreds of other getpaid programs.

PaidMania is an affiliate program, paid to click program, paid to have a start page rotator, and getpaid downline club, all in one! You only need to sign up once to be able to participate in any or all of these opportunities.

Upon joining PaidMania, you receive your own custom referral link which you can put on your website or tell others about. Every time someone uses your link to purchase a .COM/.NET/.ORG internet domain name (which includes FREE domain parking, email and web forwarding, and DNS services) at their great discount prices, you get paid. If someone purchases a web hosting package using your link, you earn 15% of the first month's sales and monthly recurring commission afterwards for as long as that customer continues to host with them! Because they sell domain names and web hosting at really low prices, it isn't hard to make a sale and earn money. In addition, "cookie" technology is utilized so that if someone visits your link today, but doesn't purchase a domain name or hosting package until next month, you still get paid.

You are also rewarded for telling others about this opportunity! If someone signs up with PaidMania using your link and makes a sale, you get paid a portion of that sale. If this person refers another person and that person makes a sale, you earn money as well. In fact, you get paid for SIX levels of referrals! That's a lot of potential income just for telling others about this site.

For the exact details of the domain name registration affiliate program, see
For the exact details of the webhosting affiliate program, see

You get paid for clicking on banner ads that appear on PaidMania's start page and visiting the sponsors' web site. They share 50% of all net advertising revenue associated with your own use, and on top of that, pay you an additional percentage of income generated by up to SIX levels of referrals. Up to 80% of revenue is shared with their members!

If you participate in "paid to have a start page" programs, PaidMania's start page rotator is especially neat. Simply set your web browser's home page to a special URL on their site and configure your account so that the system knows the start page programs in which you participate. From then on, every time you start your browser or go to your home page, PaidMania's rotator will automatically calculate which page your browser should display next to maximize your total start page income. This means that you can repeatedly press the 'Home' button on your browser, knowing that you are cycling through your paid to have a start page programs in the sequence that pays you the most money! The system also knows about minimum times between visits and maximum visits per day, so you won't ever be accused of going to a particular start page too many times.

PaidMania's downline club listing is one of the most professional and comprehensive on the net. Unlike other clubs that simply list the program names, PaidMania provides a brief description of the program without any hype, plus other critical info like payout amounts, referral levels, international availability, compatible operating systems, popularity rankings, membership participation, etc. They also keep track of the number of visits you receive for each individual page and program. As a FREE member you get two levels of flow-thru (your referral IDs will show up on your downline's pages when possible up to 2 levels deep) plus bonus page views (a members' referral ID is randomly selected when someone wants to join a program but has no sponsor). If at any point you decide to become a Platinum member, you get even more features like infinite flow-thru, advertising source tracking (so you know where your visitors are coming from and if your promotions are effective), DOUBLE paid-to-click referral earnings, and a 10MB advertisement-free web space with real IMAP email (compatible with MS Outlook, Eudora, and Netscape Communicator).

Joining PaidMania is absolutely free, and their privacy policy and terms and conditions are clearly posted. The more you use it and tell others about it, the more you'll earn from this site and all getpaid programs!

Please don't forget to use the URL link above when you visit the site, so that I will receive referral credit.


Click Here!

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