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PaidMania is here to help YOU make money - not only from this site, but from other getpaid programs as well. We want to be your getpaid portal, affiliate program, and downline club of choice. Membership is FREE. Join now and get paid to participate!

Get Paid To Have A Start Page
Earn money by configuring your web browser to use our homepage rotator service to maximize the revenue from other programs that pay you to use them as a start page! LEARN MORE...

Earn Domain Name and Web Hosting Commissions
We offer members two great 6-tier referral marketing opportunities. Every time someone purchases an internet domain name or web hosting package through your link, you get paid. In addition, web hosting commissions are recurring. In other words, by referring someone who purchases a hosting package with us, you get paid every month for as long as that person remains a customer! You even earn referral commissions from your downline even if you make no sales yourself. LEARN MORE...

Getpaid Downline Club
Learn how you can earn cash for displaying small banner ads on your screen, receiving email, or even for listening to internet radio. These programs also pay you to get others to join by sharing with you a percentage of income earned by those you refer. By telling your friends about these opportunities and having them sign up beneath you, your potential earnings increase dramatically. This site makes it easy to sign up for new programs. It will also help you increase your referrals and strengthen your downline! LEARN MORE...

Webmaster Downline Club
If you run a website, you can increase your site's revenue by participating in affiliate programs that interest your visitors and for referring other webmasters! Some programs pay per lead (i.e. signup), while others pay you per click.

More Opportunities

Discussion Forum - Meet other PaidMania members and develop new friendships. Share information on the latest getpaid and webmaster programs. You can even get technical help on designing your own website!

Sweepstakes/Contests/FREE Stuff - Enter in as many drawings as you can and as often you'd like. Remember, someone always wins. But it definitely won't be you unless you enter. Lots of free offers!

Mystery Shopping - Sign up to be a mystery shopper in your local community and help provide customer opinions and insight to companies. In return, you will get paid or receive free perks (movies, dinner, merchandise, etc.)

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